The Companion


The Companion scooters are your ticket to ride first class everyday. Allow the luxurious, full-size Companion to enhance your life and take you places that have always been a challenge.

The Buzz Around XL


TThe Buzz Around features a 300 pound weight limit. Easy to transport and adjust to personal specification. Scooter provides hours of transportation before charging is necessary. When charging is necessary you can plug it in over night and it is ready to go in the morning when you are. Interchangeable fashion colors change with your mood.

The Lite Rider Envy


The all new LiteRider Envy has an adjustable tremor controlled joystick for easy of motion. The 26-inch turning radius makes this easy for people on the go and maneuverability that is perfect for in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions



Are scooters too heavy to put in my vehicle?

Our light weight scooters disassemble. The heaviest piece is 33 pounds.


What if I can't lift the scooter pieces? Are there other options?

Yes, there are portable light-weight ramps for your vehicle. Also, we carry scooter lifts that either mount inside your vehicle or are attached to a trailer hitch on your vehicle.


How far can I go before I have to recharge the batteries?

Our models have a range of 7 to 10 miles before needing to be recharged.


I have a small apartment, what type of scooter can I use?

We carry a NEW 4 wheel power chair–the Envy–that has a 26 inch turning circle. It almost turns around in it's own space.


Is charging the scooter difficult or complicated?

No, not at all. After you use it just plug it into the easy to access charging port. Leave it plugged in over night. No need to worry about over charging it. It can't be over charged.

The Lite Rider


The Lite Rider series also transports with ease. Easy to put in the car and take to the mall or for a walk with the family. The larger seat and Delta Tiller makes for easy adjustment to your particular size and comfort.

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