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Ramps are available in several different styles. Whether you prefer aluminum, steel, or modular wood, we can provide for your circumstance. Prices vary according to style and length. We can measure and quote you a price depending on your specific needs.

Are the ramps permanent?

No, they are all modular. Even our all-new wooden ramps are modular.


What is available for one step?

There are light-weight portable ramps available.


How long does the ramp have to be? I don't want to cover my whole yard with a ramp.

It depends on whether you are pushing yourself or someone else. Or maybe you have a scooter; that changes the length of ramp you will need. In our showroom we have a platform with two different ramp types set to a manageable angle. Come in and try it before you buy.


I have no room for a ramp. How can I get down from my porch?

We carry porch lifts that will lift you from the sidewalk to your porch. We have one in our showroom for you to try.

Aluminum Ramps by Sun Stair lifts Bethlehem PA
Steel Ramps by Sun Stairlifts Bethlehem PA
Wooden Ramps by Sun Stairlifts Bethlehem PA
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